Milford Friends Group is a non-profit 501c3 and passionate group of volunteers committed to supporting Milford Nature Center and State Park.

This group was formed to provide additional support and services to the community through events, education, and recreational opportunities at Milford State Park and Milford Nature Center. Through volunteer involvement and donations, this group is a vital resource for these sites.

2022 Board Members

President: Aubrey Evans

Vice President: Justin Jones

Secretary/Treasurer: Kim Bontrager

Milford Nature Center Director: Pat Silovsky

Milford State Park Director: Kyle Hoover

Here are some examples of how this group has supported the Milford State Park and Nature Center:

Placed a viewing tower at Milford State Park

Providing firewood for visitors of Milford State Park

Supporting role in annual events such as:

Monster Myths, Movie Nights, S’more Family Fun Run, Cross Country Meets, EcoMeet, Eagle Days, and playground equipment and refreshments

Past events have included Bison Chili Cookoff and Bluegrass Festival at Milford Lake

You can help by becoming a member of Milford Friends Group or making a donation!

Monthly Newsletter

The Chinkapin

Contact us milfordfriendsgroup@gmail.com


3415 Hatchery Drive

Junction City, KS 66441

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